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Why Lovie is Nostradamus? Probably not but let’s roll with it… | January 23, 2011

Wow, what the hell is there else to say but….DAAAAA BEARS. Waking up this morning, getting ready for the day, I don’t think I’ve felt this excitement since February 2007 and its even greater today. Today is truly one of the biggest sports days I’ve experienced as a Chicago sports fan to date, and to be back in this big, sports-crazed city for today is truly a thing of beauty. Today could represent the best chapter in the newfound age of Chicago athletics, and what a surprise our Bears have been.


“Fire Lovie”. “Get his ass out of town, he’s a terrible coach, making terrible decisions”. “Looking at him just makes me want to throw up”. I have to admit these are all statements that have come my mouth in the last 365 days.


But today, Lovie please come front and center. This is for you.


(Transition, please keep reading)


I’m not one to mesh pro sports and college sports but for the sake of my point I am going to bring up an Ohio State reference (Michigan fans please keep reading). When Jim Tressel took the stage, freshly hired as Buckeye’s newest Head Coach his biggest claim is one that resonates through modern day 2011. His biggest statement/focus as the newest head coach was and still is to BEAT MICHIGAN (UM fans thank you for enduring that).


(Lovie, will you please stand up and take the mic)


“Everything the Chicago Bears do as an organization is for the purpose of beating the Green Bay Packers in the Lovie Smith Regime. During Lovie’s first press conference he laid out three goals: 1) beat Green Bay, 2) win the division and 3) win the Super Bowl.”


Now while this comparison draws near to my heart, I know not everyone sees this right off the bat. Tressel made this top priority for the Buckeyes and I would say it has worked out pretty well for him. In Lovie’s tenure as Bears HC, he has played the Pack 14 times, and he has an 8-6 record. While it is not overwhelming, he has beat the Packers more times then he has lost, and everytime he has needed to he has brought his best foot forward.


While watching “Inside the NFL” this Friday, I got a glimpse at what the Bears lockerroom was like after they beat Seattle. Sure they handled business as usual, but I saw emotion out of Lovie’s face when he announced they were playing the Packers. It wasn’t an “Oh Shit we have to play them face”. It was a “I can’t wait to gameplan how to beat that teams Ass look on his face”. And if history remains in Lovie’s presence then as Bears fans we have a lot to feel confident about.



So let’s get into it, predictions!


Green Bay is more explosive. Aaron Rodgers is the Real Slim Shady, the next greatest QB to join the Pantheon of elites. James Starks is the RB of the playoffs. Cullen Jenkins is back alongside B.J. Raji and they will dominate. Charles Woodson was the Defensive POY last year and Clay Matthews is going to be this years. They have been super bowl favorites all year and now they are back.


That is what I’ve listened to all damn week.


Bears are going to win this game. I was going to go 20-17 Bears, then Obama picked that so I had to switch it up. I think the Bears play very well all game, in fact they play better than Green Bay does all game. But in typical Bears fashion, they don’t capitalize on Touchdown Opportunities, so enter in team MVP, the man with the golden leg, Mr. Robbie Gould. The Packers will be around all game, scoring, turning it over, committing penalties, essentially playing bipolar football. It will be a close game, Robbie will have 3, Bears O will get one in the end zone. Rodgers will toss 2 TD’s, including one late. But what it will come down to is a missed Field Goal.


Bears 16 Packers 14… Super Bowl Super Bears!!!!!



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