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Bears-Seahawks…Eh, looking forward to GB next week… | January 16, 2011

Last night, I witnessed Quitness sit out because of a bum ankle, Chris Bosh cry and whine about getting hurt on a hustle play and I have to admit now that Dwayne Wade is a top 5 player in the league (but he now knows that Chicago has disowned him in favor of a more likeable, less arrogant superstar). More importantly I am even further convinced that, all things remaining constant, with D Rose’s current progression in his first three seasons, there is no reason why Derrick shouldn’t be considered to be a top  5 player, the best point guard in the league, with the potential of being an MVP player year in and year out (provided he doesn’t take his talents to South Beach and compromise the integrity of the league see LBJ, Lebron James, or formerly known as “the King”). I was extremely discouraged when I heard Lebron wasn’t playing. He did it to me again, I wanted to see him play live, but really I wanted to see him lose, live. His ankle was supposedly too bum to play, but apparently it wasn’t too bum to go out hard on the dance floor at Cuvee for the “Lebron James Party” on Friday night.

With that being said it’s Sunday in January and we are graced with another Sunday to proudly shout, DAAAAA BEARS. For those of you who don’t know, Da Bears get a shot of redemption in T-minus 2 hours to beat the Seahawks. Last night, bar chatting with friends and strangers, I didn’t find many people as confident as myself going into this game. Lots of fans getting nervous about the game, starting to think negatively before kick-off, questioning the thought of a bears victory, you know that typical BS that comes from un-opptomistic fans. Perhaps I just really enjoy being a homer and being overconfident.

And that leads me to my next point: Bears 31, Seahawks 10

The most intriguing part of this game is going to be the first quarter where the Bears will need to shake off their bye week rust. I can see Seattle scoring first, maybe getting three, but then not much going their way after that. The reason I feel so bold about this is look at all of the x-factors going into this game:

-The Bears have homefield advantage. Seattle won last week in part to their famous “12th man” factor at Qwest Field, known as the hardest place for any opposition to think straight because of the noise in a situation like last week. Seattle has to come into Chicago this weekend, where Bears fans who haven’t hosted a playoff game since ’07 are going to be hungry to feel the energy again

-The Bears already lost to Seattle this year. This is where my optimism reins over the counterargument. Where as many say that this is case and point as to why Seattle is going to win this time around, I say this is simply bulletin board material for the Bears. Since the early season blunders, the bears have really caught stride (minus the Patriots game). Since the Bears back to back crap losses against Washington and Philly, and since our  bye week we have won 7 of our last 9, with the two losses against GB (fighting for their lives with a bye already clinched in our hands) and New England (we sucked). Of those wins Philly and NYJ were impressive enough performances, at home, to make me believe that Seattle is an after thought at this point.

-Pete Carroll said this week on the Afternoon Saloon that he is going to kick to Devin Hester. Chalk up 14 points right there, only have 17 to go by our Defense and Offense.

-With the opportunity to play Green Bay next week at home in the NFC Championship, I believe that our guys woke up this morning now with even more motivation to make a statement game today. I am one of the first to admit that a lot of the Bears season this year can be chalked up to the ball falling in our direction and luck going our way. But I have news for the Bears haters: Tough $#!T, we’re here, you are not (86 Pats/Jets/Packers/Steelers fans from that) and all we have to do is win now! We are there because we didn’t choke, stayed healthy (knock on wood), played good defense and now we are in a position where all we have to do is go out and put a three game win streak together and you are telling me that this path to the Super Bowl will lead through the Windy City, we have an opportunity to be the Packers to get there and all we have to do is go out an beat Seattle at home to have that moment, I think that that’s motivation enough.

See ya next week Bears fans….DAAAAAA BEARS


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  1. Bears look like they might pull through in this one- next week will be a tough one though

    Comment by FX — January 16, 2011 @ 7:31 pm

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