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Bulls/Heat, Packers Lose, and Rapelessberger gets engaged | January 15, 2011

Alright, I am less than 8 hours away until tip-off for Bulls/Heat tonight, 7:00 PM at the UC. Needless to say I have been waiting for this game since July 8th, 2010 and if Queen James doesn’t play tonight, like he did to me last year with the Cavaliers towards the end of the season (scrub). I respect James’s game but his choices off the court and the way he uses his words just make me want to dislike him more and more. Why, well because he stands up for what is a crappy product of professional basketball and that is exactly why Derrick Rose is going to posterize him and Dwayne Wade on the same play. With that being said let’s get to a couple of predictions for the day.

Bulls 94 Heat 93: Yep I said it. I will absolutely include a big homer bias in this pick and be the one that picks the Bulls over the Heat. Despite the Bulls playing 4 games in 5 days on consecutive weeks I have got to believe they are going to get up for this one. In order to win, Korver, Brewer, Kurt T., Taj (aka the role players) will need to all contribute. There is no question that Derrick is going to bring his game tonight, but we need Boozer and co. to fill the void and keep us playing strong throughout. Plus add in LBJ’s bum ankle, elbow, leadership I think that gives us the slight edge. Look for the UC to be rocking.


Falcons 27 Packers 23: This is my pick where I am betting strictly on going against the public opinion. All of a sudden Green Bay makes the playoffs and Aaron Rogers is the next John Elway? He’s awesome, but let’s not forget that this team has underperformed and not lived up to expectations all year of being the dominate Packers (hater in the house). They won last week, but can they go through Philly, Atlanta, and a team to be named next on their way to the Super Bowl? No, of course not, they won’t get past Matty Ice, whom I am predicting out duels Aaron Rogers tonight.

Steelers 31 Ravens 17: Just to throw another game in the picks I’m predicting Pittsburgh over Baltimore, definitively. Why? Pitt is playing at home, Polamalu is healthy now, Ben is pretty good in the playoffs on opposite years, and Ray Rice is battling a stomach flu. You are telling me that Joe Flacco and his slow receivers are going to go into Heinz field, with a sick Ray Rice and Mike Tomlin coaching. Child please, keep it in the NFC North, Black and Yellow victorious.


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