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Buckeyes, TP and Why I hate the NCAA/SEC | January 9, 2011

The first week of the year is always a great sports week regardless of what’s happening because you’ve got NFL Playoffs, BCS Bowl Games, a few bad college football teams playing in bowl games to satisfy the gambler’s fix of needing to be on something, and of course the NBA is about to kick it into another gear getting to the next leg of their season. Let’s look at the parody in college football and address just a few flaws that I see.

Idiots that are going to be examined: Terrelle Pryor, Tattoo U and why the SEC/NCAA trump the former.

How is your girlfriend similar to your favorite sports team? Here’s how: You fight, you argue, you are overly critical when you shouldn’t be, but at the end of the day you love them/her, even if they lose. Even if the Buckeyes lost on Tuesday I would still love them, but I’m very glad to say they didn’t (6 consecutive BCS games, record = 3-3, .500, 6-3 overall, go home haters). Anyways, Terrelle, Boom, DeVier, Solomon, and Mike, you guys suck. I mean, if there was a VP of Common Sense position governing you guys you would get one big “C’mon Man”. Sell your flatscreen, sell the PS3 that you get for free from the Sugar Bowl, shit take a booster if you have to get by, just don’t disrespect OSU football and the fans by selling the awards/rings that have so much honor and pride to have in your possession. That stuff is priceless and should never be sold, you should take it to the grave with you. Why? Because people like me will never have the opportunity to do what you do and win those awards, and millions of fans look up to you guys to hold that honor and distinguish yourself in the pantheon of our favorite buckeyes ever. With you selling OSU awards, you now have “asterisked” your legacy as a Buckeye regardless if you win a National Title next year, kind of like if you took steroids and won the home run title in baseball.

How can you correct your ways TP?

So glad that you asked. You work your ass off every day this offseason, you transform yourself into the most savvy media guy that Columbus can ask for by removing all arrogance from your voice, learn to speak like a pro that’s in college, and get Buckeye nation so pumped for next season then fulfill on your promise to win a national title. Finally, I think you should give a call to LaGarrette Blount and ask him how he took his draft stock from undraftable and “F#@#ed” to the NFC Rookie of the Year candidate in less than a year from his senior year “season long suspension”.

For anybody that thinks Terrelle Pryor doesn’t have pro potential here’s a thought, Terrelle could represent the best wildcat QB in the league. When I say that, I mean Part-time QB/Part-time Jermichael Finley. He’s not a Michael Vick, not a Vince Young, not a Tim Tebow, but the reality is that he could be a Brad Smith 7.0. Any team that drafts Terrelle should teach him how to be split out/on the line 75% of the game, and how to take snaps 25% of the time including during a games most crucial moments. Don’t think he’s got that ex-factor in his arsenal at QB to win ball games? Just ask Wisconsin fans from the ’08 season, Iowa/Arkansas/Illinois fans in the ’10 season when he needed to be stopped on a final drive or on 4th down. Yeah he has and consistently crushes peoples dreams of beating the Buckeyes when they play them (shot out to the Badgers for the win this year as they represent my biggest fan base of people that hate me writing  about OSU).

Now let’s address everybody’s counter argument to TP’s success: Cam Newton. How can TP possibly escaped Cam’s shadow. I cannot argue that Terrelle is a better prospect than Cam Newton because of statistics, awards won, big play ability demonstrated this season. But that leads me to my next point…

Screw Cam Newton and the horse he rode in on. How does this all make sense? Terrelle Pryor is publicly turned into the NCAA’s biggest problem child for doing what everybody in the NCAA does. He made a mistake that every player does, he just got in trouble for it. Total net worth of TP’s mistake = $2500 out of his pocket to charity (god bless that charity). Total Net Worth of Cam Newton’s Heisman trophy, $200,000. Am I missing something here? Cam Newton sold his eligibility for 100x what Terrelle made and he was awarded with a Heisman trophy. Did the NCAA learn anything from Reggie Bush? Oh and let’s not forget here that he was already kicked out of UF for stealing laptops. It’s like the NCAA is this really rich family that lives in the hills and does what they want. The SEC and their biggest asset is the favorite child that always gets favorite treatment. But when that kid grows up and has to do something on his own (NFL), he is completely incompetent to do anything on their own. This is why I believe TP is better suited for the NFL then Cam Newton. What kind of adversity or issues has Newton dealt with? None, he has been football raised to believe that whatever he does he can get done naturally and he can skate by above everybody else and what he did this year was 100x worse than TP’s. But we so commonly forget that this type of player usually is doomed when they play at the highest level. Look at Vince Young, his career at Texas is much more similar to Cam’s at Auburn then TP’s at OSU. TP has tried to become a pro-style QB, he hasn’t done it perfectly but every year he has improved steadily at the position. I’m not saying Terrelle is going to be a good pro, but if he succeeds next year and learns from this, he’ll be much more ready to handle adversity at the highest level because he paid the price first before he got there.

So in summary the overriding theme here is screw the SEC. Arkansas you lost. We scored more points in one half then you did the entire game (say what you will). Arkansas fans tried to taunt OSU fans by chanting SEC after the game, too bad that just lowered them even more. Come play OSU in Columbus in January, come play the Badgers in Madison in January, go play the Hawkeyes in Kinnick in January. Speed in heat doesn’t lie, but speed in freezing cold gets slower and eventually hurt. Let’s play all the BCS games in Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, New York and Pittsburgh. Then let’s track the Big 10’s record and the SEC’s record. Go Bucks and on Monday, Go Ducks.


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