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#1 – 1.1.11 | January 2, 2011

The new year came and it went last night and I feel grateful that I can be one of those pleasantly surprised that the night lived up to the hype. The day was nothing short of relaxing and the night was filled with food, fireworks, and booze…Of course the booze. Needless to say that my whole process that is waking up and getting home was punishment in its own respect and I think after human nature taught me that one valuable lesson that it has taught me and many other like me before that the morning afters suck. But now, I think I have gotten it together, I’m ready to build myself out of that deficit that I dug myself in to start the year and I’m not looking back.

If you are like me this New Years and you have one goal or multiple goals then let’s keep this short and sweet. This quick chronicle is dedicated to having goals and sticking to them.

Its been just over six months since I’ve graduated from school and even though the working life isn’t as exhilarating as college, I find that I’m naturally acting and thinking like my age. However, as anyone will tell the those about to go through it or yet to go through it, the transition is tough. In my first six months I found myself focusing so much on work that I had to “sacrifice” other areas of my life, or at least make changes to what I was used to. I stopped going to the gym, stopped eating right, and for the very few people I had reading my first series of blogs, stopped doing productive things that  I find enjoyment out of such as writing and playing basketball.

But that is all about to change. It’s not enough to just say that you can’t make it happen anymore like you used to. It’s about making a commitment to something and opening up your focus to the bigger picture. To those about to rock and do work on their goals this year, think about that feeling of satisfaction you will have next year, one year from today when you have a whole year’s worth of production to show for yourself. Then remind yourself of a couple of keys to making them happen:

-Make sure they are realistic and SMART

-Build yourself some momentum early on. Focusing on discipline and inner strength this Winter, once you’ve established this everything becomes easier because it’s engrained in your lifestyle

-Don’t try and do to much and make them fun. For example a few of my goals are to play basketball twice a week, write 52 blogs this year, and read 6 books amongst others.

From here on out I don’t want to take up too much more of your time because I know there’s a whole year’s worth of ambition out there with the new year. Remember that what you do this year will define whether your year was good/bad or somewhere in the middle, you are in control of this. When you are about to lay off and let your goals go to the wayside just remember to ask yourself are you a Walker or a Talker? Do you walk the walk, talk the talk, or try and do both? I do both, but I can’t talk without walking. Best of luck and Go Bears.



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  1. Your words are so motivating. I am ready to rock out this year. Let’s get to work!

    Comment by Hilary Huffman — January 2, 2011 @ 7:47 pm

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