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2010 Free Agency Sucks, I Said It… | June 29, 2010

Chad Ford: “I think Lebron is genuinely torn between leaving the city that has embraced him and he grew up with and being loyal and winning an NBA championship. I think he probably understands now thats not going to happen in Cleveland, at least not anytime soon, and which of those two are going to matter the most to him? Everything that  I hear from a credible source is that he is truly conflicted about that.”

Bill Simmons: “I think he ends up in Chicago with Bosh. I think they end up trading Luol Deng to Atlanta for Joe Johnson, and put those three with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, the NBA is over until 2020.”

Chad Ford: “The most credible source I have talked to has said that that is what’s exactly going to happen and that despite all the stuff about playing in Michael Jordan’s shadow, Lebron is actually so intrigued with Jordan, that to kind of live out his life…”

Bill Simmons: “The argument against him is, ‘oh why would he want to go play in Chicago and live in Jordan’s shadow’, what the hell did Kobe just do with Magic. These guys if anything, they like that shadow, they want to continue a legacy they feel a kinship to that shadow. I don’t buy the whole ‘oh he wants his own thing and start his own’, these guys don’t care about that, and if anything we know that Lebron who wore #23 his entire career and was a gigantic Michael Jordan fan, so I don’t think that’s going to disuade him from signing there.”

Chad Ford: “I think people that are saying that have no idea who this guy is. I think it’s almost a bonus, not a detriment that the Bulls were Michael Jordan’s team.

Bill Simmons: “I  think that he would get a rush from the (imitating Ray Clay’s starting line-up for MJ) “Annnnnnnnnnd now” and being introduced. I think thats a bonus for him, not a negative.

Chad Ford: “And he’s close to home, he’s close to home. I think that if he feels that once he goes back into Akron, after leaving the Cavs, I think he does it…And if you listen to him closely, the last time he spoke, he talked about his loyalty, not to CLEVELAND, but to Akron. I thought that was a message”

To the shock of no one, this little three minute blurb was enough to create a euphoric sports fantasy that kept me smiling all weekend. Articulating all of the points and emotions I have been looking to put to writing or to argument since the Cavs got rocked and the Lebron shake up happened. No I don’t think that it’s a done deal that Lebron is coming to Chicago, nor do I think its a guarantee that he will leave Cleveland, but I do think that it is short sided to use the claim “Lebron will ABSOLUTELY not go to Chicago because he wants to start his own legacy and he will not want to follow in Jordan’s footsteps”. I don’t think that most athlete’s comprehend what’s going on around them: the fans, the media, the outrageous rumors and unsupported claims by journalists looking to get a token in the credit machine. Additionally I think that they are way too busy to worry about the drama of the whole jungle that is the league. The media and the fans themselves are very much the sorority girls of sports. You know the people that sit around all day, spend 40% of their time thinking about how the world should cater to them, spend 30% of their time thinking about how much better they are than anyone else, 15% of their time thinking about how they can bring down their friends and the other 15% gossiping complete nonsense that fills the air with noise and corrupts the minds of the insecure (no offense to my sorority friends, I mean you guys don’t fall in this category, only the ones I don’t know…).

What do we really know about free agency?

We know nothing, absolutely nothing. Chris Broussard knows more than my neighbor and probably more than your neighbor (unless you live next to World Wide, The King, or any 2010 free agents), but at the end of the day if he signs with the Knicks then he looks like the 3 month idiot. Stephen A. Smith says insecurely that Lebron, Bosh, and Wade are all destined for Miami and it’s a done deal according to his sources. Rich Bucher says that Bosh and Bron are a done deal to Chicago, but what does he know, he said Kobe to Chicago was a done deal back in 2007 and even reported it as if it were facts, look how that turned out. Chad Ford and Jalen Rose really believe in their sources that Lebron is going to Chicago and leaving Cleveland, and we all know that they only make claims unless they are more likely to be true. Marc Stein now says its a done deal that Lebron and Bosh will Join D-Wade in Miami according to his sources. ESPN first reported that there was a huge free agent summit to be held at May and that was for sure going to happen, it didn’t. ESPN and RealGM.com also reported that Lebron’s first trip on his recruiting fantasy week was to a lavish dinner in NYC with celebrities like Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Chris Rock and famous courtside hero Spike Lee. Well all of a sudden Maverick Carter reportedly says “that’s not happening” and LBJ is supposed to stay in Ohio and have teams visit him. Better yet the Knicks don’t have solo-dolo rights to speak with Lebron next Thursday, the Nets, and the Cavs both are unleashing their red carpet bargaining chip that night as well.

The point is that today’s media has gotten to the point where everything that is being used as content is not verifiable information. It has suscribed to the world of the blog and to word of mouth reporting. ESPN, New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune (to name a few) used to have credible reporting, but by today’s standard it seems as if they only care about content and not character of a story. Reporters can’t even get their facts straight. For example after last week’s draft, more specifically, the Bulls trade, the story was that the Bulls now had enough salary cap space to sign two max players. But in today’s (Tuesday 6/29) Chicago Tribune, K.C. Johnson wrote that the Bulls “can’t even afford two max players”. These guys don’t even know the guidelines of what it is  they are reporting, and we, as fans, are supposed to sit back and listen to these guys “sources”? Since when was it ever acceptable to use “source” as the means for your base claim. If I was allowed to write a quote in a school paper and cite it with “source” college would have been a lot easier. If CNN or MSNBC were allowed to follow the same guidelines, our economy would be more in the toilet than it really is.

But that’s the point. Sports media reporting has gotten so relaxed and uncredible that most of it deserves to be thrown out and ignored. I just feel that if I have to listen to another Marc Stein or Stephen A Smith “from everything that my sources have said” rant I might go crazy because it changes so frequently, like every day. Who are these guys sources? I’ve dabbled in sports media and from everything I gathered or felt, these guys are not the athletes favorites to deal with. Granted they probably have more wiggle room because they are at the top and that league members do socialize with them, but everyone knows that they are just there to pick away at the gatekeepers of knowledge. That must be annoying for the athletes and members of team’s front offices. I mean do you think Danny Ferry, as his time as the Cavs GM, with all of the stuff he had to do on a daily basis ever gave this order “alright Tim, we now need to get this information to Chad Ford, he needs to know, he needs to let the sports world know!” Or does this sound more like it:

Chad Ford: “Hey Cavs Intern, you sit in on some meetings and maybe have talked to Danny Ferry once or twice, what do you know?”

Cavs Intern: “hmmm, uh, let me see, oh yeah, Ferry said that Lebron is coming back, and we are going to do a sign and trade for Chris Paul, sign Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, yeah that’s right that’s what he said in the last meeting”

Point is that the reporters won’t disclose their sources, but will report whatever it is that they want. So we are just the majority of suckers who believe whatever comes out of there mouths. The story changes every day, and in these last days fans really need to soak in what it is they believe, and really live in the moment of what they actually want to happen. If Lebron signs with the Heat or the Cavs, I will be disappointed yes, but these last two weeks of thinking that the King will be in the Red and White in the 312 has been such an awesome thought that helps me get through my day. So Cleveland fans believe what you want, likewise for New York and Miami fans, just don’t get caught up in the media dial, because at the end of the day, no one really knows.

So really what we know or can assume from all of this nonsense is:

-Lebron is truly conflicted about leaving

-Lebron is also the biggest piece in the domino effect, once he decides we will see more movement.

-The Knicks refuse to lose, but have a back up plan of Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudemire

-Chris Bosh is probably leaving, and probably following LBJ

-Wade is more likely to stay then leave, unless he proves to not be a saavy recruiter to Miami as he has so arrogantly demanded that he be

-and that is about it…

With all that out there to clear the air, i’m going to give some “far out” picks, meaning that all picks are general at this point, so my picks are a long shot and are a means to force second thought (and they are bias)

Joe Johnson- Los Angeles Clippers. Joe Joe needs to be recruited and the Heat and everyone forgets that the Clippers have a ton of cash, and they need a more established 2/3 guy.

Amare Stoudemire- Miami. I had a hard time with this one because I wanted to put Dirk in Miami, so I did, and let’s face it, he’s already got a crib in Miami, he’s got a life there, its the best place for him to win and he fits the culture best.

Dirk Nowitzki- Miami. Why, because I am sick of seeing him in Dallas and there’s got to be some kind of shake up in free agency. Gut feeling tells me that he will play best with D-Wade.

David Lee- Thunder. Why, well the Thunder are one all-star away from being the second best team in the West. Lee could be the presence for them

Carlos Boozer – Bulls. This is a veteran move by Reinsdorf. He wants James more than he wants Bosh. He wants D Rose to be the #2 on this team, this move gives the Bulls a rock solid core with veteran leadership, it also minimizes personalities on the team.

Ray Allen- Bulls. Reinsdorf can pitch to Shuttlesworth that his role on this team will be exactly the same as it was 3 years ago on the Boston 3 Party, Ray Ray would love the opportunity at deja vu, and to be better than Reggie Miller.

Dwayne Wade- Miami. This seems like about as a done deal. The only way Wade leaves is if he doesn’t get anyone to join him in the city of white pants, cuban love and a second home for Jersey folks and old people, then he will leave to where ever Lebron isn’t.

Paul Pierce (potentially)- Boston. He’s about as entrenched in Boston as Matt Damon and Bill Simmons.

Chris Bosh- Lakers. Bosh has Hollywood in his eyes, and if the Lakeshow had free agent $$$ they would for sure be his number 1. If the Lakers wanted a sign and trade I bet Toronto would be open for it.

Lebron James- Chicago. My dream has come true, I retract all of my hate from the last four years and accept the King as my lord and savior of basketball.

*knicks will end up with Al Harington and Josh Howard as a consolation prize, sorry New York, guess you asked for it when the Yankess organization was constructed.



  1. sick article dude, the whole world of espn’s “sources” needs to go, i think alot of the blame lies with the higher ups not demanding accountability from their ‘analysts’ when reporting with sources, they just want the viewership which is retarted b/c espn really has no competition haha. analysts today are starting to be more part actors less part sport junkies. now that all the good s/c anchors like keith olberman, rich eisen, steve levy, and bob ley have moved onto better and brighter things were stuck with a bunch of newbs looking to be the next dan patrick by one upping eachother with their half made up sources in a blatent childish attempt to get more airtime. id rather watch foxnews all day then b forced to watch rome is burning for 5 minutes, but thats just me

    Comment by joecrack88 — June 29, 2010 @ 7:10 pm

    • Yeah, although I love Josh Elliot, he’s such a crack to everyone that’s on there with his smart ass comments. I still think Steve levy is there I just saw him the other day, but it’s almost not the anchors as much as it is the glorified reporters like Jon Barry, Marc Stein, and Rick Bucher. I love Bill Simmons, Chad Ford’s alright, and Broussard said Bulls first so he’s ok! I just want to hear Charles Barkley’s take on it all!

      Comment by wizjakewatts23 — June 29, 2010 @ 9:09 pm

  2. Another great piece, Watts. I also think Ray Allen would fit nicely with whomever the Bulls go with. A scorer at all times, but especially crunch time.

    Comment by Jim Watts — June 29, 2010 @ 10:41 pm

  3. You can have Ray Allen and his god awful shooting

    Comment by Dan — June 29, 2010 @ 10:57 pm

  4. just the mere look of Chris Rock would give you laughs already “”

    Comment by Tungsten Carbide : — October 31, 2010 @ 4:59 pm

  5. oh well, chris rock is damn funny. i like his corny jokes and stuffs –.

    Comment by Microwave Cart — November 24, 2010 @ 9:12 pm

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