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“A Shout Out to ADD” | June 17, 2010

What do you blog about when you’ve got writer’s block? Well it’s actually not writer’s block, it’s more or less a similar situation to when you want to start doing some homework or study for a test and you’d rather just procrastinate, watch the world cup, day drink, and check out Facebook instead of doing the things that you feel you should be doing. So in the spirit of the latter, you know the feeling of wanting to become better, today’s entry is going to be more or less a plethora of short opinions without an overlaying topic. We shall call today’s entry “A Shout out to ADD”.

The Lakers will win tonight and Kobe Bryant will win his 5th NBA title (still one short) and he will achieve his second consecutive NBA Finals MVP award. But what does a Lakers NBA title mean tonight? Outside of the fact that it will mean that I was correct with my first entry ever, you know where I picked the Lakers to win in seven games, it’s okay though you can crown me later, it was probably just a lucky guess. But what this really means is that Kobe Bryant will be one step closer to throwing his name into the deep end of the pool party that consists of the NBA’s top elite talent in its prized history. If Kobe gets five then he will tie Magic Johnson for NBA titles and will be one short of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s six, meaning he will also be talked about as a potential candidate to be LA’s best player to ever wear the purple and yellow (remember Kareem and Magic played with each other and won 5 together). The scary part to me is that someone whose game most similarly resembles Jordan’s is now one step away from matching him in titles. Look your never going to get me to admit that anyone will be better than Jordan but I don’t see how Kobe can’t be number two if he ever gets to number six or even seven (doubtful with Lebron going to the Bulls, but still). What this also means is that Phil Jackson will have won 11 of the last 20 NBA titles! I will restate myself, 11 out of the last 20! Dude will have over a .500 NBA title success percentage in the last 20 years. The next closest coach is Greg Popovich who has won four out of the last twelve, that’s still seven less than the Zen Master. So the question still remains, does Phil make the best players the best? Seriously, Jordan and Kobe will have never won an NBA title without him so why not crown Phil as the man who makes the legends? Note to Dan Gilbert: I said last week that you needed to seriously consider Brian Shaw to be your head coach. You know the guy who happens to be Phil Jackson’s top assistant for many years and the prince ready to take the Zen Master’s throne and take the King to the promise land, but what do I know, Byron Scott could be a good hire, if you want to suck like the Hornets have and have your coach put in more time on the golf course than he does in the office. Anyways not to go astray from the Lakeshow,  I think that the purple and yellow take the cake that is the 12th NBA Finals meeting with the final score being: Lakers 94 Boston 89: Bryant 29 points, Gasol 21/13, Bynum 12/8, Odom 15/11 and Pierce 26 points, Rondo 15/12/8, Garnett 12/9, Shuttlesworth 18 points

The World Cup Is The Best Unifying Sports Event. It is also the sport that shows pure American arrogance to not realizing the incredible athleticism, technique, passion, and overall impact it has on the world. Now I am somewhat hypocritical here with my overzealous love for the sport because frankly I am only really interested every four years when I watch the World Cup. But, with that being admitted, I am a huge fan of the sport and the event. Not just because it is an amazing filler of time and athletic entertainment value from a TV watchers perspective during the boredom of baseball season, but because it is refreshing to watch an event that not only has such an undeniable amount of pride and passion for one’s country and national sport, but because the absence of overpriced contracts and spoiled players playing for “companies” brings a whole new layer of competition that is so rare to watch and fun to experience. When I went to the bar last Saturday to check out the type of crowd that would show up for the “Revolutionary War 2.0” game, USA vs. England, I couldn’t help but be swooped away by the energy and passion for my country. Not because I wanted England to burn in flames, not because my team got backstabbed by a flip-flopping, diva-like (TO) professional athlete, but because I knew that everyone in the country that day would share the same desire for my team to win. Bears fans and Packers fans, Yankees fans and Red Sox fans, shoot even Ohio State fans and Michigan fans could all see eye to eye, share a beer, and root on the USA. With that being said this was also my day to emulate my desire to be a soccer hooligan. It has been a fascination of mine to study the Euro Soccer club’s elite fans and the way they get down. For one day only, the World Cup allowed me to get a taste of what it is like to go to a pub and drink beer after beer after beer while singing my clubs songs, and getting myself so excited for a big match, so for that I thank you World Cup, the best and most unique global sports event in the world.

NBA Free Agency starts in two weeks from today. Yes, we will have a much better and more clear idea of what will take place in NBA free agency two weeks from today (hopefully). I thought that I would be so sick of listening and talking about all the possibilities of this years free agents by this point, but I’m not, I love it. What this debate has taught me is that I am very biased when it comes to my opinion. I think there are only two places for Lebron to end up: Cleveland or Chicago. But come on every argument for me comes back to how I know that he’ll be in Chicago next season. It makes too much sense! But I will spare you this repeating record of why it does. What this time has also done is it has opened up a new surreal NBA fantasy for so many people. Because there will be so many major moves from the league’s most influential forces coupled with so much uncertainty of the final locations of said players, tripled with the game seven NBA finals game, the whole thought of trying to get an accurate and real picture of what the league will look like next season opens up a fantasy thought. Finally what the free agent period has shown me is how many idiot NBA fans there are. I have heard so many ludicrous scenarios and thoughts from semi-interested NBA fans backed up by ignorance that has also helped me identify what will truly not happen. Go Bulls!

Chicago has truly become a hockey town! Just got off the phone with my friend Josh today (who probably cried for four consecutive nights after the hawks victory) for the first time since the Hawks won the cup and he couldn’t believe how the city has come so far around with the franchise. There are so many dedicated and die-hard Blackhawk fans in the city and there are also so many bandwagon fans in the city, but there’s one thing that’s for sure about fans in general, is that being apart of a winning-train, that is your favorite sports franchise is so much fun and has so many shock waves over the masses that are enough to keep people buzzing for years (see the 2 million people that turned out for the parade, or the Wayne’s World Blackhawk love for the team based off of Stan Mikita). Go Blackhawks, I can’t wait to be apart of the train next year and let me say that if the Bulls get their act together there will be no city in the world with the Winter Swag like Chicago’s next year.

Finally, Columbus…Thank You! I am leaving the good old 614 for good this Saturday to take up a job with the National Collegiate Scouting Association in Chicago. I can’t be more excited about the opportunity and to have a job, but with every new beginning there has to be a goodbye to an end. Columbus, you have been amazing these last four years. I have never been apart of a city with so much uniqueness in culture, positivity in growth, passion for their people, and desire to be something bigger and better than what it already is and I can’t say enough about all the people that I am leaving behind and saying goodbye to. The city has so much great going for it and it starts with the people. From OSU greats like Archie Griffin and Chris Spielman, to OSU’s #1 President Gordon Gee, to coach Jim Tressel, and the blending of people with homestyle roots, big city roots, intercontinental roots, local roots, ya’ll do it right and keep doing your thing. Keep up your swagger Columbus, thanks for the great memories!



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