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How To Save The Cavs From NBA Suicide In 2100 Words | June 10, 2010

Now that I am officially done with school I can follow one of my true passions: not having to do schoolwork. With all the great response to the first two entries, I am having a blast writing and I wanted to give an early thanks to everyone that’s checked out the Chronicles. With that being said, many of you NBA fans are probably aware, a big splash was made this weekend with the hiring of Tom Thibodeau to become the next coach of Lebron James and the 2011 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls. Boy oh boy I cannot wait to write that entry (Look for it as the next one after this)! But after spending the last four years of my life, living in a state that is spelled with three letters and beaten into your head on how to spell it over and over again, I figured it wouldn’t be fair to my fellow Ohioans to write my “How Tom Thibodeau and Lebron James are going to save Chicago basketball until I’m 35” entry before I wrote my “Holy S#!*, I’m a semi-die-hard-bandwagon Cleveland Cavaliers fan and I need help before this panic attack sets in” entry. It is my goal to make you, the desperate Cavs fan, see that small glimmer of hope that your savior will return to the promise land instead of abandoning a very below average city.

Where they stand right now…

Let’s lay out the basic facts before we get into the analysis:

-The 2010 Cavaliers were not the best team this NBA season

-Lebron James needs another superstar to act as a sidekick to help him in the clutch.

-He also needs a coach that won’t let him do whatever in the worlds he wants and maybe who knows how to coach.

-Antwan Jamison was a good pick up, but one that clearly did not work out when he needed to work.

-The Shaq experiment was about 3 years too late.

-Mo Williams is a playoff liability.

-Z is the only player on the team that truly deserves a title!

-Delonte West is still the teams funniest and most entertaining player…

(If you are a Cavs fan who is letting it all bleed out, feel free to add)

The list here really can go on as long as you want it to, but I am not intending on dwelling on 2010.

So let’s take the things from an optimists perspective and take the negative and turn it into a positive. Lebron recently said that Cleveland has “an edge”. He cited the city, the fans, the level of comfortability, and the fun he’s had in the last seven seasons. If Cavs fans want to extrapolate it and beat it down into the ground the choice is yours too, but remember optimism here, an edge is an edge and at this point, given all the rumors, you are all still the front runners in the LBJ campaign.

Dan Gilbert is also doing everything in his power to bring LBJ back, as evident in the recent firings of his cabinet: Danny Ferry and Mike Brown. Of the three (Gilbert, Ferry, Brown), the lone ranger with the organization is the one who has reported to be an enabler of the King; allowing the King’s court of friends on team flights, providing jobs and access to the club that normally wouldn’t be allowed if it was associates of Antwan Jamison.

While we may not know exactly how the situation will play out until the 1st of July, I think its safe to say there needs to be some moves made and I am going to throw in my 2 cents to what those moves should be.

Put them on the line aka LET THEM HANG DAN

The moves that need to be made from now until July 1st are simple: (1) bring in an all-star, borderline superstar, and (2) bring in a coach that commands respect from players and knows how to win. Like a business deal, make the decision to invest easy for the person whose investment means the most.

How can the Cavs bring in a superstar caliber player before free agency? Get on that trade game Mr. Gilbert, and I am not talking the trade that gives you the quick fix that doesn’t put you over the top. How many Cavs fans now wish they had gotten Amare at the deadline instead of Jamison? This is the type of move that require some stones to execute, but its also the type of the move that makes you great and here’s my logic and proposal. On the court in the playoffs, the Cavs weakest position was PG. Mo Williams got burned in consecutive rounds by younger, faster, and more talented point guards in Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo. News-flash, this will be the case for the coming years with Mo at the helm. The team needs a point guard that can take over when Lebron decides to go Game 5 in 2010. The point guard is the floor leader, the person who controls the tempo of the game, and a position of most value in the NBA right now. Just look at the 2010 playoffs and what point guards are doing in big times. So Cavs fans how about Chris Paul? When healthy he is the best point guard in the league, he’s a good basketball friend of Lebron, and I believe that he is looking for a change in scenery to a title contender. So here’s two proposals:


Cleveland gets: Chris Paul, Julian Wright and Greg Oden

New Orleans gets: Antwan Jamison, JJ Hickson, Andre Miller, and Cash

Portland gets: David West and Delonte West


Cleveland gets: Chris Paul, Emeka Okafor

New Orleans gets: Hedo Turkoglu, Antwan Jamison, JJ Hickson, and J. Calderon

Toronto gets: David West and Mo Williams

The core focus of these trades is Chris Paul to Cleveland. In both scenarios, John Hollinger’s Trade Machine analysis predicts Cleveland’s total amount of victories to increase by five and nine, respectively; can anyone else say 66 wins? But most importantly they have the best second piece to fit on the Kings court then they have ever offered him in Paul, at a time that they can offer him more financially then they ever have been before. Paul is a speedy, joy-stick with his moves, blow your mind, basketball freak that if coupled him with Lebron would make the entertainment value already worth the price of admission. Secondly I went out on a limb with the other pickups for Cleveland. I won’t allow myself to call Greg Oden a bust yet. He’s had his issues with injury and self inflicted male full frontal to the mass media, but he would be coming to the only state that would welcome his presence and encourage his success. He is still loved in Ohio and Ohioans would want nothing more than to see him next to Lebron in a Cavs jersey playing great. Also keep in mind that Oden has proved to been very successful when coupled with a fast, quick shifty, TALENTED point guard (something he has not had in Steve Blake in the last three years). Okafor probably wouldn’t play to the value of his contract but he’s another big man that helps rotate in and out playing quality minutes.

In addition to the players received on this trade, I believe Cleveland will still have the ability to go out and sign a serviceable big man this offseason to add to the rotation. Because when you have your nucleus of superstars in tact, lets remember that they make other, not as talented players much better than they are (See Kendrick Perkins, James Posey, Tony Allen, Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, JR Smith, Goran Dragic and the entire Suns Bench, anybody that’s played good minutes for the Spurs in the last decade, anybody that’s played next to Chauncey Billups, etc…)

This trade I also believe would work out for the other teams involved: Toronto wants to get rid of Turkoglu, and with Bosh probably not resigning, they will be looking to start off new. David West is a good big man to replace Bosh and Mo Williams they will probably take to facilitate a perimeter game. New Orleans is in such financial struggle that they will probably be more okay than most would think parting ways with their old core of stars by welcoming in a more charismatic nucleus that is all looking for a new home or more playing time (JJ Hickson). Additionally they would probably be okay with letting Darren Collison take over the PG role for much less money than they were paying for Paul. Portland is not really giving up much in this deal because Oden has not done much for them beside humiliate GM Kevin Pritchard for not taking Durant and Andre Miller is old and pricey. So why not welcome in another quality big man in David West, clutch shooter in Delonte West and allow Steve Blake and Bayless to run the point. They are just adding in value and contribution.

So now before we look at the coaching options let’s look at the 2010-2011 Cavs Roster options:

PG: Chris Paul PG: Chris Paul

SG: Anthony Parker SG: Anthony Parker

SF: Lebron James SF: Lebron James

PF: Anderson Varejo PF: Anderson Varejo

C: Greg Oden C: Emeka Okafor

*I also believe that they will be able to load up in bench players in free agency. This roster has more star power, it could use some free agent help, but the star’s luminosity will attract the necessary role players.

Now onto the coaching candidates, and there are only two in my eyes. One obvious, one not so obvious. The Cavs appear to be on the train of looking to dig and find a diamond in the rough of famous college coach turned better professional coach. That man, my personal favorite, is Tom Izzo. While I didn’t at first see this turn coming, I don’t think it’s a bad angle to pursue. He could be a winner. He gets respect from his players to his superiors to the media. He knows basketball and has a proven system that succeeds every year at March when it matters. The question is, is that going to translate to the professional level where so many times it fails. Proven college coaches have proven to not be a good hire on the professional level, and there is no indication that Izzo is down to make the jump to this level without a guarantee that King James will be apart of that team.

So this brings me on to my next candidate. The candidate that I truly believe will be the assistant coach that turns head, that will inspire and lead his team to the promise land, that man is Brian Shaw. Brian Shaw has been a top assistant to “The Zen Master” since 2006 and with his “zenducation” learning how to manage a group of professional basketball players, how to successfully run a triangle offense, how to tell his best player to take the biggest shots, and most importantly, how to win a NBA title because he has won one and is two wins away from winning another. Shaw was one of the most respected players in the league while he played for numerous teams including the Lakers, and is now one of the most respected assistants and now its his time. Cavs fans, you guys are all probably very reluctant to hire another assistant, but Shaw is a better hire than Mr. Brown and if you pair him with James and Paul incorporated, his system will shine. Mike Brown tried to implement his system when the team was young and less talented, definitely not the luxury that Shaw will experience.

Finally with all this being said, I believe the future can still be bright for the Cavaliers. They just have to make the right moves from now until July 1st. Making a big time trade, getting the right coach, courting Lebron in whatever way possible and maybe not having the officials of the city sing a ballad in his honor might help to lure him back. I know there will be disputes and everyone has their own way of how they believe the team should be crafted, but I simply think that this way will provide a more balanced, more uniformed team with great leadership, lots of experience, and I will give it up to you Cleveland fans, the majority of you may all still be on the bandwagon, but the city of Cleveland loves their Cavaliers, the state of Ohio loves their Cavaliers, and a crowd is a crowd and you guys bring the noise. Good luck, let the best city win.



  1. Definitely a good article here, but the only thing I have to critique is that in situation 1 of the trade, there is NO way Portland would sign off on that. Oden’s value is still through the roof and he was showing signs of coming along before he got hurt last year (11-8-2 blocks). You have to remember he’s technically a college senior right now.

    And Andre Miller is signed through 2012 and had an excellent veteran season on an otherwise youthful Blazers team.

    On the other end, Delonte West is really Jerryd Bayless with more tattoos. They’re thin at shooting guard but still, West is nothing more than a shooter.

    David West’s contract is up next season and I doubt the Blazers would re-sign him. It’s just not their style (although Pritchard could very well be gone). With LaMarcus Aldridge at the 4, West wouldn’t even start.

    Other then that, I really like these scenarios. I agree with NO needing to trade Paul. Collison is the real deal and Paul’s trade value allows them to “start over.”

    Comment by strotty — June 10, 2010 @ 5:14 pm

    • Touche Strotty, I think scenario one with Oden is more of an ideal scenario for Cleveland but I think scenario two is a more realistic deal as to what would happen. I’m not exactly sure with how Portland stands with Oden right now but you have to imagine that three season ending injuries in his first three years with #1 pick value is like a Rex Grossman scenario on steroids. I know the kid, and he’s more emotionally fragile than most, he doesn’t want to fail, but he also wants to feel wanted. If he gets hurt again next year Portland will 86 him off the team, so from a GM’s standpoint it makes sense to see what you can get for him.

      The Blazers have a lot of good pieces but clearly not enough to get them over the hill to be a top 3 team in the West. Adding another All Star like west, would be an interesting scenario because you could tell Aldridge to play the five and use a more perimeter game system. Plus they have Marcus Camby. So you get 2 All-Star 4’s a defensive 5, Brandon Roy, essentially a lot to work with. And West’s contract could give them flexibility next year in Free Agency.

      Either way, realistic or not, trades always surprise, and it looks like it’s going to be Izzo so their going to fail anyways haha

      Comment by wizjakewatts23 — June 10, 2010 @ 6:01 pm

      • The Hornets do NOT need to trade Chris Paul and should NOT trade Chris Paul.

        They had one down year with Chris being out or playing hurt for over half the season. One bad season does not lead to a fire sale of your entire team, it is easy to rebound the next season…look at Phoenix for example.

        Also, Darren Collison showed he has skills but CMON were talking about the team choosing to stay with him over CHRIS PAUL??? How short are our memories boys? Wait until a healthy Chris Paul comes next year and averages a quiet 25-10-5

        And Strotty is right about G-Reg…dude showed talent and beastly big man skills. His past two injuries were more bad luck than anything…no way Portland gives this guy away yet.

        Now for the second trade…

        Toronto comes out like bandits here. Hedo is arguably the worst contract in the league right now…and jose calderon’s contract is not far behind. Jose couldn’t start over Jarret Jack last season and Hedo was outplayed by Sonny Weems (former Bulls draft pick whatup). Just to repeat myself, Hornets should not and will not trade Chris Paul and there is a better chance of Derrick Rose retiring to play baseball than for Hornets to trade Paul for the likes of Hedo and Jose (not to mention Jamison has showed he is a perennial non-winner…just doesn’t like to do it).

        Cleveland is still only one player away from a trip to the Finals…and that player does not need to be as profound as Chris Paul. If they came next season with the same roster (and better coach), I believe they can beat an even older Boston team (sans-Thibodeau and possibly sans-Ray Allen) and I felt they could’ve beat Orlando this year.

        love the blog, thanks for taking 30 mins out of my work day

        – Cozz

        Comment by cozz — June 11, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

  2. Good post! Lol @ “The Shaq Experiment”

    You notice this about the lakers?



    Comment by MsOfficer — June 10, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

  3. love it!

    Comment by qfe — June 10, 2010 @ 8:39 pm

  4. tits.

    Comment by escot — June 11, 2010 @ 2:11 am

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